hey there person, you're awesome

Arys | 17 | use feminine or neutral pronouns | fluctuates between INFP and ISFP

an animation major who loves the idea of love

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 ドローイングのようなものです 1

since im a broke college student i decided id eat ramen for dinner


IR, 2013 | by Yiu Yu Hoi


coming of age // foster the people

well, i’m bored of the game
and too tired to rage

Blood of olympus is out in a few days im gonna freak out and cry


rip yazawa nico


I love Blakey so much

Video Game Challenge | Video Games [7/7] | Crash Team Racing
All Hiccstrid kisses from both movies and short 

i just sneezed and i think i died


god this is how i imagine all guys from california to talk like

joshua503 said: Hey, just wondering if you're done with that mechanic AU or if there's gonna be another one?

there will be others but not right now

i’ll probably continue some of it when i have an idea for the au and/or i find the time

i also have other au ideas bc im an ass who loves torturing herself